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Pictures from a flyfishing trip to Czech Republic Oct 2004
Late Season

Late Season Grayling

Late Season

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Click here to read "Fishing with an Angle
first printing circa 1486 AD
attributed to Dame Juliana Berners".


Learn to cast - Fast
by: Gary Borger

Bamboo, The Mystic Rod
Learn more about these Rods and the Grass they are made from.
Used with premission of

Rainbow Trout
by John Holt
Pound for pound, this is the strongest trout alive.

Brook Trout
by John Holt
Head for isolated ponds, lakes, big drainage systems and springs to find these magnificent trout.

Brown Trout
by John Holt
These may be the hardest trout to catch, but are well worth the effort.

Cutthroat Trout
by John Holt
Search for these trout in pristine streams and lakes.

No Traffic Trout
by Dave Carty
With determination and research, you can find uncrowded hotspots almost anywhere.



Little Colorado River

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